Tepper & Eyster, PLLC


  • Educate Clients in trademark creation techniques, to allow them to develop marks appropriate for their needs and objectivesIntellectual Property

  • Assist in trademark clearance and searching on a national, regional or global basis

  • Develop trademark registration strategies to match strategic objectives and budget expectations

  • Manage trademark prosecution and maintenance on a national or global basis

  • Develop trademark watching and enforcement strategies

  • Assist in dispute resolution

Domain Names

  • Counsel clients in the clearance and adoption of appropriate domain namesDomain Name Litigation

  • Develop and implement enforcement strategies

  • Coordinate domain name investigations and acquisitions

  • Manage the resolution of domain disputes


  • Assist with the registration of copyrights

  • Develop guidelines for commissioning new worksCopyrights & Copyright Registration

  • Develop copyright compliance strategies to facilitate the use of creative works

Trade Secrets

  • Develop employee policies to facilitate the use and protection of confidential business information

  • Develop policies to address the hiring of new employees and the use of third-party information